Workplace Giving

A voluntary program in which employees can pledge to make regular donations to the Foundation



Through a regular donation to the CFS Foundation you can make a big difference to the life of those CFS volunteers who support the emergency service within every SA community.

Through an agreement with your employer a donation is made before tax is calculated. You receive an immediate tax deduction and are not required to obtain a receipt.

Over one year…

  • $5.00/ week provides an Oxy Viva; life-saving equipment for CFS volunteers and the community
  • $10.00/ week allows a young CFS volunteer to undertake a 3-day leadership program

Dollar matching

Many organisations choose to match donations made by employees to demonstrate that they also support causes that are important to their staff. Check with your employer to see if your workplace can double your donation.

Benefits to you

Workplace giving offers you:

  • the opportunity to make regular donations simply and easily throughout the year
  • an up-front tax benefit • a record of your donations for the financial year
  • the knowledge you are making a valuable contribution to more than 13,500 South Australian’s providing emergency services to the communities of this state.

Benefits to Country Fire Service Foundation Inc

The certainty of regular donations:

  • provides stable funding for core services, and
  • reduces administration and processing expenses.

Disclaimer: Much of the information provided in this document has been sourced from the Australian Taxation website at Business/PAYG withholding/In detail/Specialised industry topics/ How to set up a workplace giving program at

Please note that the instructions contained in this form are intended as a general guide only. Employers and their employees are to obtain their own advice on the interpretation of Taxation law.