Organisational Giving

Support us through your business or employer organisation



The Country Fire Service Foundation is seeking to develop partnerships and networks with businesses within South Australia.

Our fundamental purpose is to provide immediate and ongoing support for SACFS volunteers who suffer loss or harm in protecting South Australian communities.

We seek to work with you to develop win/win relationships through:

  • sponsorships
  • cause-related marketing programs
  • participation in fundraising events
  • volunteering, and
  • workplace giving

Sponsorships and cause related marketing

The CFS Foundation believes in developing tailored strategic connections, building unique and mutually beneficial partnerships with measurable outcomes that can be reported on a regular basis.

Fundraising events

Creating a special event to support the CFS Foundation can:

  • build teamwork and staff morale
  • be fun, flexible and accessible
  • be easy to implement – all support and promotional materials are supplied
  • raise funds for a worthy cause
  • create fantastic points of difference (with photo opportunities) to include in your annual report and shareholder newsletters.


Volunteering provides employees with an opportunity to further engage in our Vision whilst lifting employee morale and building team spirit. Having employees volunteer with us can also provide PR opportunities.

There are many tasks we need help with and your army of volunteers could be just the solution we need to achieve things in a short time at low cost.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving (also known as Payroll Giving) is a voluntary program in which employees can pledge to make regular donations to Country Fire Service Foundation Inc.

Through facilitating a regular pre-tax donation arrangement via your payroll, you assist your staff in making a regular contribution which can make a big difference. Namely, over one year:

  • $5.00/ week provides an Oxy Viva; life-saving equipment for CFS volunteers and the community
  • $10.00/ week allows a young CFS volunteer to undertake a 3-day leadership program.

Dollar matching

Many organisations choose to match donations made by employees to demonstrate that they also support causes that are important to their staff. It is very motivating for employees to know that you will double their philanthropic gift.

Benefits for your organisation

Engaging in organisational/ workplace giving:

  • demonstrates corporate responsibility
  • builds staff morale
  • is easy to administer

Benefits for your staff

Facilitating workplace giving assists your staff by:

  • providing the opportunity to make regular donations simply and easily throughout the year
  • providing an up-front tax benefit
  • recording their donations for the financial year

Benefits to Country Fire Service Foundation Inc

The certainty of regular donations:

  • provides stable funding for core services, and
  • reduces administration and processing expenses

Disclaimer: Much of the information provided in this document has been sourced from the Australian Taxation website at Business/PAYG withholding/In detail/Specialised industry topics/ How to set up a workplace giving program at

Please note that the instructions contained in this form are intended as a general guide only. Employers and their employees are to obtain their own advice on the interpretation of Taxation law.