In Memoriam

Create a lasting legacy for someone you love, by helping others

By choosing memorial giving, you make a tribute to someone you love and support others into the future.

There are two ways to make a memorial gift.

Make a direct donation in memory of a friend or loved one

You can give an in memoriam gift online.

Give an In Memoriam gift

Provide donation envelopes at the funeral

Country Fire Service Foundation Inc has donation envelopes specifically for in memoriam giving at a funeral service. These allow family and friends to make a gift in memory of your loved one.

Request In Memoriam Envelopes

You can also contact us via email or phone 1300 270 278.

We will respect your privacy and provide you with a list of those who chose to make a donation recognising those you have loved.

All those who make a donation over two dollars will receive a tax deductible receipt for their contribution.