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Our brave SACFS volunteers willingly undertake a vital community service, but their support of others can put them at grave risk of loss of property, injury or even death.

I remember being told that one of the big challenges CFS volunteers often face when seriously injured is the “Superman Syndrome”. We are the rescuers but who rescues the rescuer? Along with my wonderful partner, my CFS mates and friends, I found other groups who rescue the rescuer…. CFS Foundation! I would like to express my appreciation for their support. It was such an uplifting feeling knowing that others are thinking of me and working towards providing support when you are down and in need.

CFS volunteer supported by the CFS Foundation

The CFS Foundation is there to support volunteers and their families in times of great need.


Your help will ensure we can assist whenever the need arises


The CFS Foundation invites and welcomes corporate partners to support its ongoing work on behalf of CFS volunteers.

To discuss your corporate partnership with the CFS Foundation, contact Chief Executive Officer Mark Howells on 0434 632 007 or 1300 270 278, or by email