By contributing to the following projects, you can help the CFS continue to fight for our community.

The key project of the CFS Foundation is to provide CFS Volunteer support, through ongoing relief and assistance for injured volunteers and their families during their times of greatest need.

CFS Volunteer Fund

A financial resource for families of volunteers who are severely injured or killed whilst performing their duties will be developed through a corpus to be held in trust.

Immediate Need

Support for CFS volunteers and their family through providing emergency transport from the ‘line of fire’, day-to-day living expenses for family members, and assistance so the volunteer can return to active service within the CFS.

Permanent Incapacity

To assist with life needs by providing specialised equipment to support communications, home and transport modification and vocational retraining.

Fallen In Action

At the passing of a CFS volunteer in the line of duty, help with funeral costs, support and financial counselling to partners, and education assistance for their dependents.

Other projects include:

Fellowships and Grants

The establishment of fellowships for CFS volunteers. These may be used to undertake specialised training courses, educational programs or to attend national and international conferences for continual improvement.

Upgrading of Technology and Infrastructure

Improving and enhancing technology so CFS volunteers can continue to operate with maximum safety.